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Top Ten Affordable Canon Cameras


It is quite apparent that if you are on the lookout for a cheap, budget, or a great-deal camera, the most important feature about it would be its low price. Though a budget camera has a low cost, of course, there is no reason to believe it wouldn’t beat even high-end cameras in some aspects. Budget cameras have a lower price and give you an excellent value for their cost, making it a fantastic deal. Considering you are on the lookout for an affordable Canon camera under 500 USD or want to find some great discounts or cameras on sale, you have a ton of options to choose from.

Even if a person has just started their photography career or needs some decent, cheap photography gear in general, they would be thinking about Canon. For more than seventy years, Canon has been famous for being a pioneer of innovative cameras. It is one of the largest manufacturers of excellent quality cameras in the world. It has still successfully maintained its top position by using newer technologies and bringing out new features. Prices of canon cameras typically range between 180 USD to 3000 USD and even higher. They offer both compact cameras at low prices and full-frame ones at the higher end. Thus, it depends on what features you want to have in your camera. Yet, some quite decent cameras would satisfy your needs without you having to pay thousands. 

Canon Rebel T100/EOS 4000D

The Rebel T100 is one of the best affordable cameras for beginners of photography who never have used a camera before. This camera allows the users to shoot amazing photos and blurs the background naturally. Lousy lightning never hinders this camera from clicking awesome pictures, thanks to the 18 MP image sensor. The Rebel T100 also features a menu that is easily accessible along with long-lasting battery life. The autofocus is also an improved one and is thus a dependable feature for various event recordings. Therefore, a photographer using this camera won’t face any difficulties when using this excellent yet cheap camera in its entirety. Recommended for this camera is the Canon EF-S lens of 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM. Optical superiority is introduced by this lens, thus enabling innovative performance too.


The Rebel T100 shows perfect management along with user-friendly ergonomics.

The brightness optimizer of this camera is excellent.

It has a long battery life.


There is no touch control in this camera.

The display is small and of low resolution.

Only in the video mode is the exposure adjusted automatically.

Canon IXUS 185

This Canon IXUS is not only a cheap camera, but it is also relatively slender and stylish. It is 20 MP. This camera features an optical zoom of 8x and features HD video recording, which is instantaneous. The HD video recording would give you surprising results without you having to beyond your budget. This model is so compact that you can easily compare it to a cell phone.

Moreover, the range of features in the Canon IXUS would impress anyone using it. The IXUS is also great for new users as they need not dig deep while trying to click pictures. They can easily choose to use the mode called Easy Auto. The Easy Auto mode represented in this cheap Canon camera does all the work for you and ultimately helps you get the most amazing shots. Each photo quality would not be as high as a mirrorless model or a DSLR. But you gotta agree that this is a fantastic camera at just 120 USD.


It supports a combo 32x zoom.

This camera offers remarkable modes as well as incredible filters.

The menu available in this camera is easy to access.


The LCD screen is a bit small.

There is no availability of an optical stabilizer.

The camera case is not sturdy enough to protect from humidity or getting hit.

Canon PowerShot G9 X mark II

The Canon Powershot G9 Mark II is a premium yet compact camera remodeled from the famous Canon's G9 X model, an entry-level camera. The PowerShot G9 allows you to take shots in a 5472* 3648-pixel resolution, thanks to the integrated CMOS matrix in this camera, which has 2.01 billion dots. The Canon Powershot G9 is one of the cheapest Canon cameras and also a tiny one. A photographer could even snuggle it into a pocket!. Thankfully, this doesn’t hinder the 3-inch touchscreen, which is intuitive and has no useless buttons. Any photographer can easily control each function directly by the touchscreen. The camera offers such visibility that it is pleasantly surprising and quite suitable for shooting in daylight. The user would also be able to share photos easily by using the wifi module. The wifi connectivity has been possible thanks to a synchronization option, which allows the camera to be connected to several devices.


This camera boasts of an excellent quality lens.

It has quite a large matrix.

It has a decent optical stabilizer.


This camera does not have long-lasting battery life.

There is no availability of a lens cap.

The buttons present on this camera are too small and hinders the viewing of photos.

Canon Rebel T7/EOS 2000D

This camera is quite decent and affordable too. This model would meet every requirement of a beginner-level photographer who wishes to enter the age of DSLRs. This model has a mounting ring for the metal lens and excellent features that would enable you to click high-quality pictures and record videos in full HD quality. Even lousy lighting and the 24. 1 MP doesn’t hinder this camera’s performance. Another great advantage of getting this cheap DSLR by Canon is that you can easily share pictures via NFC, wifi, or Canon Camera Connect. You can even control it by remote. The recommended lens to use for this model is the Tamron Sp 70-300 mm F/4-5.6 Di VC USD. This lens boasts a perfect build-quality and is weather-sealed, and delivers photos of outstanding quality. This camera also boasts of an incredible image stabilizer.


This camera delivers stunning, top-notch photo quality.

It offers a high-resolution sensor.

This camera comes with an integrated sharp LCD 


The optical viewfinder only demonstrates 95%.

The camera lacks the facility of 4K video.

The camera has outdated image protection which does not allow a high ISO capture.

Canon M6

You will be marvelously impressed by each of the features of this affordable camera. It is all a photographer could want from its rotatable touchscreen, total body design, and compact size. It also provides many knobs that are exceptionally user-friendly to enable easy adjustment of the several manual settings. Even the touchscreen controls function excellently too. This camera model is not perfect just because of the portability and compactness but also as it can click such high-quality pictures. Since this camera also has wifi connectivity, it allows quick transfer of the related photos to your phone. If you are a travel freak and love hiking too, you would love this camera. Though it is a great camera, it is not a perfect one. It doesn’t have the sensors that you could find in 6D camera models. Neither does it have the top-notch lenses nor the top-level AF system.


It offers the most extended battery life of any other mirrorless model you could have ever tried.

It has a convenient touchscreen display.

This camera is super compact and easily portable. 


The RAW images clicked by this camera are not quite versatile.

It lacks an in-built viewfinder.

Canon Rebel T-6/1300D

This super cheap Canon camera is everything that a beginner could want. The very moment that you have this camera in your hands, you can start clicking the most vibrant, crisp, and clear pictures. Being a beginner-level DSLR, the Rebel T6 offers top-notch picture quality, even a low-priced one. The Canon Rebel T6 has many sophisticated features provided by more high-end models. It also has an 18 MP sensor along with the super processor- DIGIC 4+. This canon camera also comes with an LCD screen measuring 3 inches with a 9.2 lakh pixel resolution. This 1300D has both NFC connectivity alongside Wifi connectivity. Such features would satisfy every need of any beginner looking for affordable DSLRs for starting their photography career.


The 1300D allows shooting videos in RAW.

This camera is very intuitive and thus can be operated easily by beginners.

It also comes with wifi and NFC connectivity support.


This camera performs relatively slower than other cameras in this class.

The camera has a non-rotatable screen and doesn’t have sensor controls either.

It has kind of an outdated image sensor.

Canon M100

This Canon camera is a great mirrorless model best suited for beginners. The M100 has an excellent ergonomic shape. It also has a grip, which has metal/rubber finishing that lasts very long. The photographs clicked by the integrated kit lenses deliver the quality that is expected. Though they don’t have the sharpness initially, you can fix that by employing focusing of the stop-down mode, which can be easily operated by a beginner-level photographer. It is charming for nature and street photography as it comes with a 15-45 mm focal length. The system of focusing in this camera is quite decent and accurate and has a decent speed too. This camera comes with a variety of professional features, including a UI that is suited for hobbyists. This camera model is straightforward to learn to use and Master. One of the most significant advantages of this camera is its compact size. Though the camera doesn’t have many physical controls, it delivers the sharpest videos and photos ever.


Even at a low ISO, this camera offers decent video quality.

Any soft lighting doesn’t hamper its quality of clicking awesome quality images.

It provides a range of several options for manual video recording.


It doesn’t perform well at a high ISO.

The remote control doesn’t have extensive functionality.

The face detection system is not great and is disappointing.

Canon PowerShot SX 720 HS

The Canon PowerShot SX720HS is yet another model that made it into the list of the most affordable Canon cameras. Its most significant plus point is the compact design that makes it very portable too. Thus, photographers can also use the camera while tripping, and they can even click beautiful landscape shots. This model guarantees crisp images in every lighting condition as it has a great HS system. This Canon camera integrates both the 20.3 MP CMOS sensor along with a very heavy-duty processor-IGIC six processor. The PowerShot camera’s best thing is its low price, which any beginning photographer could afford easily. The Powershot SX is a fantastic camera if you want to take top-notch videos and photos for a low price. Another great plus-point of this camera is the optical image stabilizer, which adapts itself automatically to the location where you are shooting. This feature allows the user to make use of a unique model of stabilization of enhanced images. 


This Canon PowerShot offers a great autofocus speed.

Another essential feature is the LCD screen, which is bright and sharp.

The camera allows you to click detailed photos of the quality and subtle colors to satisfy you.


Since the camera buffer offered is a bit small, burst modes in this camera get restricted.

The buttons to adjust manual settings are relatively small.

There is no availability of a panorama mode in this camera.

Canon 750D

This is an impressive model, and it is best suited for your everyday photography requirements. The company launched this camera in 2015. It was marketed as a heavy-duty DSLR, which was typically for beginners who have advanced a bit. If you are looking for your very first DSLR, this is an excellent camera for you as it has a 24.2 MP APS-C sensor. This 750D also comes with a mandatory LCD touchscreen, which could be tilted to any side. It is advantageous if you choose the focus point and change the exposure setting without any trouble. This camera’s focusing system comes with the cross-types 19 points. This camera also offers excellent sharpness accuracy thanks to the smooth autofocus function. 


This camera comes with a fully rotatable screen along with sensor controls.

It also has a fast autofocus mechanism.

This camera also comes with a 3.5 mm microphone input.


This camera doesn’t offer 4K support while recording videos, and the full HD mode is limited to only 30 fps.

It cannot be easy to focus on dynamic objects in the Live View mode. 

This camera’s dynamic range is not as good as the other cameras in this class and, thus, is quite disappointing.

Canon Rebel SL2/200D

This camera is yet another affordable model in the cheapest Canon cameras list. The makers of this model have incorporated many features in this camera while making sure not to make it bulky. Thus, they have successfully integrated new articulating screens in the behind of this affordable yet fantastic camera. Despite the tiny size of this camera, it allows users to take fantastic shots of excellent quality. The photos emerge with great detail and boast a flawless color reproduction. Another feature this camera has is the resolution, which is 24.2 MP, which would look good without using any photo editing apps. The image clicks would be perfect for photo books, online galleries, and even if you want to make image stories of your own image stories. This camera features a DIGIC 7 processor, which allows a user to take good images even if there is low lighting. This camera is a decent option if you are trying to start your career in photography.


  1. This camera features a varied-angle touchscreen
  2. This camera boasts photos of top-notch quality.
  3. The long-exposure images clicked by this model are fantastic.


  1. The size advantage is a bit less.
  2. There are only 9AF points available for viewfinder shooting.


There are several reasons why anyone would want to buy a cheap camera. Some photographers can afford only a cheap camera. Some photographers do not use a camera frequently, and it is not justifiable for them to spend a considerable amount. Some people may not be willing to take on the responsibilities that come with owning an expensive camera, that is, theft, kids using it, misplacement, etc. Sometimes, even professional photographers want a cheap camera as they could have to sacrifice one while clicking a high-risk image. A cheap camera is always a good backup option. Those who are just starting their career or see photography as a hobby may not be willing to invest in a high-end camera. You may be in any of these categories, but of course, you would still want an excellent camera. Fortunately, the above list would help you find exactly the camera that you may be looking for.