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6 Best Smart Indoor Gardens


There has been a growth in the demand and popularity of smart indoor gardens for growing plants in recent years. It’s a fantastic and straightforward way by which we can get plants in our homes, which will allow you to celebrate the goodness of having plants without a green thumb. There is nothing as satisfying as having your very own garden with fresh vegetables and flowers growing in home. 

Growing your plants and vegetables is immensely satisfying, healthy, and fun, but some people often  have the misconception that growing your garden would require a large area or terrace. However, you can grow your favorite plant if you have the right gardening system and products. Some of the features and designs are highly incredible and affordable. This article brings you the innovative and best indoor smart garden system.

LeGrow Smart Garden


This smart garden is a stylish indoor plant system that can customize your indoor garden’s layout by connecting all the individual plant pots. You can add this smart product to your garden over time and arrange and stack the planters according to your liking. This smart product provides many choices for the system like humidifiers and lights and even planters with mobile chargers and integrated clocks. One of the best things about it is that it is a highly inexpensive smart system. As this product is stylish, you may try it and even expand if you feel the results are satisfactory or fun. These planters do not have an automated watering system, so you will have to put in some effort and time, but the pot’s base can hold some water. This smart system is mainly for tiny plants. You can line them up in your home kitchen for a beautiful, aesthetic look. 

Botanium Hydroponic Grow Kit

This smart system is a small pot that makes taking care of your indoor plant relatively easy. The lower part of the Botanium Hydroponic Grow Kit contains a reservoir filled with water and some nutrient solution. The plant you plan to grow in this Botanium Kit is held by stones with pores instead of soil. This system also contains an automated water pump; this water pump will help you deliver essential nutrients and water to your plant every three hours. One of the best parts is that the extra nutrient and water will be stored back in the water reservoir and reused, making it one of the most efficient systems. The Botanium needs a power supply, but there is an option for battery charging. 

Veritable Indoor Smart Garden

This Indoor Smart Garden is considered a kick start success story. This smart planter was designed in 2014 by the Veritable team, and on November 16, Kickstarter funded them. The company has fully commercialized this smart system, which can be bought online and in many international retail stores. This smart system works in many similar ways to the Tick and Grow smart system. Just like Tick and Grow, Veritable is also available in many different options and styles, which will add ample class and style to your kitchen. It also contains a water reservoir tank that will hold the nutrients and water and automatically deliver these essentials to your plants and keep them in excellent condition. The system also contains two LED lights, which will provide the optimum intensity and light wavelength to your plant. When we talk about seed refills, what the veritable love is using is “Lingots.” Lingots have organic seeds, essential nutrients, and biological substrate for your plant. 

EDN Wall garden

The EDN wall garden is a large smart garden for indoor products that you can hang on a wall inside your home. This system has an automated fertilizing and watering feature, and this system also has an inbuilt LED growth light. This product is not ready for sale, but you can find it on the official EDN website. This garden can provide you with a sufficient amount of food so that it can be an excellent source of greens and fresh herbs for your kitchen. The EDN wall garden has many unique features like inbuilt Wi-Fi and has an app for a smartphone that will help you monitor your plant and provide you with updates and alerts regarding water and nutrients. 

Plantui 6 Smart Garden

This Smart Garden is an automatic plant-growing device made for tiny plants like tomatoes, chiles, and herbs. This indoor garden system has a modern design with integrated light growth. It is an excellent option for those willing to grow grasses but lack outside space and those who struggle to take care of their plants. Plantui 6 has an automated feature for almost everything, so it is hard to make a mistake. This device is available at a very high premium amount, and its refills are also quite expensive. However, this device is pretty beneficial to mature plants, as it will provide you with fresh and healthy herbs whenever ready. 

IKEA Herb Wall

It is a smart Indoor garden system, a DO IT YOURSELF project with beautiful pots and rails by IKEA. The look of the project will make your home look bright and beautiful. The planter pots attach to twisted railings that connect to the wall. This DIY project is quite beneficial as you can take the pot anytime to water and trim the herbs. You may even want to change the pot. It means that you can change the arrangement according to your liking. This smart device has no built-in smart or technological features; instead, it provides standard indoor features. The scarcity of supplement growing lighting can limit the option, but a wall close to a bright window can still provide you with many options.                                                                                                                                                                                       


Smart home technology is on its way to the gardening sector and made it easier than ever. The above listed small and efficient garden system is perfect for cramped up spaces in cities and can add beautiful greenery to your home. Some smart garden systems provide perfect light, water, and nutrients to your plants for you. A smart garden for an indoor system can help you monitor the essentials your plant needs to grow healthy and beautiful. The best smart garden systems for indoors will look after your plant’s growth and ensure that the plants are in full blossom, even when you’re away from home.