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Guide To Finding Makeup Without Harmful Ingredients


Guide To Find Makeup With Natural Ingredients

Did you know that the art of makeup was considered vulgar in the 1880s during the rule of Queen Victoria? Only stage performers and actors were allowed to use makeup and indulge in this activity. Many years have passed since then, people are much more open and accepting, which is why the world’s perception of makeup too, has changed. Many people consider makeup to be a tool to hide one’s actual appearance, a mask. But that is not true; makeup is used to enhance one’s features and appearance without putting your skin at any risk. Skin is the largest organ of the human body. 

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It needs to be cleansed; it needs to breathe, hydrate and only the best things are meant to be applied to your skin. Today almost everyone uses makeup, as the world becomes more accepting, men too can use makeup without the fear of being judged. But the question is, what is the right Makeup product?

Should You Choose ‘Natural” Makeup Products Or Clinical Makeup Products? 

What we can be 100% sure about is that there is no “natural” makeup product. There are many companies that only add natural titles to their product to increase sales. We all know that most natural products have a low shelf life, but the “natural” products sold by some companies have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years. The thing is companies add certain chemicals to their products to make sure they last long. These chemicals are not always good for your skin and body. 

Finding the right product may be difficult, but it can be easy if you know what to avoid. For example, if I have to buy a cream for myself, I may be lost because there are hundreds of different creams in the market, but if I know that I have to avoid the creams containing particular ingredients, it narrows my choosing list.

So How To Choose The Right Makeup? 

When we say makeup, we refer to hundreds of different products. Also, the fact that numerous companies are selling these products does not help in narrowing our “Good For Skin” makeup product list.  But what I can do is tell you how to choose the right makeup.

Check For Harmful Ingredients 

Most makeup products contain ingredients that are not healthy for your skin or body. When switching to clean and safe beauty products, you have to start somewhere, so start by knowing what ingredients are harmful to your skin. 

Parabens – This chemical can be easily found in shampoo, body lotion, body cleanser, face wash, and foundation. 

Why Should Parabens Be Avoided?

Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetic companies. Parabens lead to disruption in hormone functions of the body, which by the way increases the risk of breast cancer and can also lead to reproductive toxicity. The use of parabens can also sensitize your skin, which can lead to allergic reactions. Avoid using products that contain ingredients that end with -paraben. Thankfully, with research, we now have several companies making paraben-free skin products. Many say that paraben in cosmetics is safe, but why use something when you know that it is harmful. 

Phthalate – ( Synthetic fragrance)

Phthalates can be found in perfumes, nail polish, hair spray, and eyelash glue. 

Why Should Phthalate Be Avoided?

Phthalate is used as a softener for PVC and as solvents in cosmetics. Phthalates interfere with the body’s hormone function, which can lead to reproductive issues in both men and women.  Phthalate is also known to damage the liver, lungs, and kidneys. In simple words, do not use products with an ingredient (Phthalate) that is used to make plastic flexible. 

Octinoxate And Oxybenzone 

These chemicals can be found in sunscreen, nail polish, face creams, foundation, hair products, and lipstick. 

Why should Octinoxate And Oxybenzone Be Avoided? 

Even though these chemicals have not shown any signs of significant harm to the human body, they should be avoided. Studies done on animals have shown that Octinoxate increases cell proliferation in those cells that are grown in response to estrogen exposure. Shaving said that it is also fair to inform that these chemicals are FDA approved and do provide protection against harmful sun rays. 

There are more such chemicals that pose great harm to human bodies. Triclosan, this chemical is found in soap bars, liquid soap, shaving cream, and toothpaste. Triclosan is a very harmful substance. Studies have shown that triclosan can accumulate in our body’s fatty tissues and can also collect in breast milk and an infant’s umbilical cord. 

Ethanolamines (MEA/DEA/TEA), Retinyl Palmitate and Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate and Retinol, Diazolidinyl Urea (Formaldehyde), 1,4-Dioxane are other such chemicals that are present in cosmetics. These chemicals have many side effects on the body; the common side effect changes in hormone levels. 

Know Your Sources 

Over the years, the cosmetics industry has evolved drastically. Many cruelty-free cosmetics have been launched. There are also a lot more vegan cosmetics brands on the market. Read and research on topics such as clean beauty, cruelty-free makeup, and vegan products. Most famous and iconic makeup brands use chemicals and are not cruelty-free. Due to work done by organizations such as PETA, clean beauty products are now the hype. Beauty brands have now started to label themselves and their products as non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan. Always double-check, when looking for labels. Many brands such as Target, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and indie brands label themselves as clean and non-toxic but do not hesitate to double-check and be 100% sure. 

Make Technology Your Tool

Technology has helped bring transparency into our lives. Due to technology, we now have apps that can scan and analyze the ingredients used in making a product. Most products now come with a QR code, which can be scanned by a user on his/her phone. Through this scanning system, a reader can very easily access information about the product. 

These apps are easy to access. Most android users can download scanner apps through the Play store.

The Bottom Line

The takeaway is that it is not impossible to switch to clean and healthy cosmetic products. Do your research and invest in those products that work for you and your skin. Checking ingredients used in cosmetics may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Many companies use topic ingredients while making their products. These ingredients are harmful to your skin and your overall health. We all think that there is nothing wrong with some chemical ingredients but so should not be the case. If I were to give you a drop of acid, would you dip your finger in it? No, because the acid is bad irrespective of the quantity.  Brands like K beauty, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Target, etc. are vegan and cruelty-free brands. Invest in those products that support and follow the FDA approved ingredients and also follow their guidelines. Only use the best products for your skin. Many companies use the word natural to promote their product, be cautious, and do your own research.