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Landscaping Tools That Will Make Your Job Easy


Lawn care and landscaping is a specialized task that requires a substantial amount of investment in the right tools. While landscaping tools might seem like a costly investment, they are a must-have in your garden as they tend to pay a longer return on investment and make your job easy and fun. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a beginner, new to taking care of the yard at home, you need these seven landscaping tools to make gardening easy and enjoyable for you.


This simple gardening tool is what you will need in your garden,  all the time. Since it helps in digging, and gardening is incomplete with digging, choose a shovel that is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. And don’t forget to sharpen your shovel a few times a year for the best results.


Pruning Shears

Pruning shears, also known as hand pruners, are a type of specialized scissors used for trimming plants. You can use short pruning shears or long-handled pruning shears depending upon your needs. You can use prune shears to cut branches (up to 1 inch thick) and shrubs. However, make sure your pruners are sharp enough so that you can get a neat cut with less injury to plants.



As trees shed leaves, you need rakes to gather dried leaves or flowers and give your garden a clean, healthy look. Rakes come in a variety of sizes and styles but if you are a beginner, a standard leaf rake would suffice. But if you are looking for a more sophisticated option, you can go for adjustable rakes. When investing in a rake, always remember that steel tines are stronger and more durable compared to their plastic counterparts.



Whether you are new to gardening or are a professional landscaper, a square-shaped shovel, also known as a spade is a must for you. It is one of the pricey landscaping equipment but if you choose the right one, it can last for the rest of your gardening life. You can choose between a short and a long spade. While a long spade is more helpful in the garden for digging and moving soil, it is slightly heavier compared to a short spade.


Garden Fork

While garden forks and rakes resemble a bit, the two are different tools used for different purposes. Rakes are designed to collect debris, leaves, and other dried material from the garden. On the other hand, a garden fork is a specialized tool for digging, loosening, and lifting garden soil.

There are a few types of garden forks but if you are a beginner, a long garden fork with a T-shaped handle is all you need in your garden. Choose a garden fork with tines and forks made up of steel, and handle and shaft made up of fiberglass or wood. With these materials, your garden fork will not only be durable but is also light in weight.



Buckets may not seem like a useful gardening tool but it is one of the essential ones. You can use buckets to carry useful items. You can also use buckets to clean up waste. You can choose between a heavy-duty plastic bucket and a metal bucket; however, the latter is more prone to rusting and corrosion. Moreover, plastic buckets are slightly more flexible and light in weight as compared to metal buckets.


Safety Equipment

While you need spades, shovels, racks, and buckets in your garden, you will also need safety equipment that can make your gardening job easier and injury-free. As you invest in other landscaping tools, make sure you invest in gloves, adequate protection for your eyes and ears along with a long-sleeved shirt that can keep you safe and protected as you workaround in your garden.

There are numerous other landscaping tools that you can add value to your shed, however, we have highlighted only some of the most essential ones. Whether you are a professional or are landscaping just for fun, these seven landscaping tools are a must-have in your garden. Using these tools, you will not only make your gardening job easier but it will surely be a more enjoyable experience for you.