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Must-Have At Home Office Supplies


When you begin to or even start to consider setting up an office at your home, one of the things that may happen is that you will either end up overestimating what you will require to get your home office up or end up underestimating. You may find yourself in the tough spot, struggling through either of these cases. 

This list of home office supplies can help you streamline the items that you may end up requiring in your home office or things that you may have to purchase for a better productive work environment. Check the list to find items that you require, and you can mark those that you may end needing in the future. 

A Computer

A small portion of small business owners capable of working from home may have the ability or may not require completing their office work without a computer. Before purchasing a laptop, go on and research what computer will fit your requirements as well necessities. You can consider getting a laptop if you wish for a mobile office. Due to the portability benefits, you can take it along with you while you travel or if your work involves visiting customer or client locations to monitor and complete your work on the go.

A Monitor

If you’re going for a desktop for your home office despite the benefits of a laptop, you will require a monitor. Select a monitor that not only functions and looks great but is also suitable for your neck. You can connect your laptop to a monitor. Consider dual monitor setup if you’re finding yourself unable to be completely efficient with a single monitor. 

High-Speed Internet Connectivity

Unlike the past where internet access through a dial-up connection was sufficient to fulfill your daily requirements, now it will only bring you endless headaches due to low internet speed. A high-speed broadband connection is essential so that your work does not suffer due to slow internet speed.

A Desk

If possible, you have space for a traditional desk to create an ergonomically perfect workstation. If not, you can make a counter, table, or utilize other flat surfaces in a pinch if you are forced to get creative due to limited space available. 

A Comfortable Chair

Now that you have decided upon a computer and desktop for an ergonomic workstation, it is time that you look for a comfortable chair as it is an essential component for any office, regardless if you work from home or not. So, instead of picking any chair randomly, select one that feels like a good investment. It should be comfortable to sit on and support your body and help you maintain proper posture while sitting as you may have to sit for a long time at the same spot working. Ensure that you test the chair before making a purchase.

A VoIP Or Telephone

You might not require a traditional landline connection thanks to the internet-dependent phone and calling services, the latest VoIP technology, a mobile device that is in reach almost all the time. However, a phone services connection can be useful if you’re working from home, and if nothing else, it can be helpful as a backup.

A Network Router

Although a router may not be required, it can become a necessity quickly if you possess more than one device that requires an active internet connection. If you have a computer placed in different rooms or spots in your home or have a laptop, consider getting a wireless router to solve this problem quickly. A wireless router will simultaneously allow you to connect your mobile devices to it too.

A Surge Protector

A great surge protector is often one of the items you may end up overlooking quite easily. It should be present in any kind of home office which utilizes computer equipment and technology.

A Multipurpose Machine Or Printer

If you have a paperless office or maybe due to your business’s nature, you might find a printer or a multipurpose machine an unnecessary expense. However, you would find yourself needing one to fax, make copies, or scan on numerous occasions. Check out multipurpose machines that are capable of managing all such tasks.

A File Cabinet

Even if your home office aims to be as paperless as possible, there would still be hard copies of documents or other necessary paperwork that you would have to hang on. A great place to store such documents and hardcopies in a location that you will easily find in a well-organized manner and a cabinet is a perfect place to start.

A Paper Shredder

If you have or go through continental and sensitive business documents as well as information, a paper shredder is a must-have item in your home office. As for documents or paperwork that are not confidential or sensitive, you can dump them in a recycling bin. 

A Keyboard

A keyboard that is comfortable to work with is vital for productive work regardless if you work from your home or office. Consider a wireless keyboard with a numeric keypad for convenience and to break away from the headache of wires tangling up. You can also choose a keyboard that matches the color of your setup for a pleasing aesthetic experience.

Noise-Canceling Headphones With Microphones

If your work involves constantly receiving video calls from your clients or those who you work with, a headphone with a decent microphone should be with you. A good pair of headphones will allow you to hear everyone on the call more clearly and ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear. Consider purchasing headphones that are easy to set up and come with features such as active noise canceling. Headphones are available in various styles as well as types depending on how they fit. Choose one that is comfortable to wear and looks pleasing to the eye.

Bluetooth Speakers To Take Your Music With You

If you like the flexibility that comes along with working from your home office in the morning or from your kitchen table when you feel like it, a high-performance Bluetooth speaker is what you need. Choose a Bluetooth speaker that not only offers excellent sound quality but is also easy to carry around with you. Some Bluetooth speakers also come with an integrated microphone, which you can take advantage of if you wish to hold a conference with multiple people on your end.


Your work’s nature, personal preferences, or maybe your employer’s demands may require you to have additional items before reaching peak productivity. This list can help you decide what you may be missing in your home office to boost your efficiency. Consider writing a list of items you need before starting to shop.