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The Best Adjustable Desk Chairs That You Can Have

Whether you’re using a DIY desk setup while working from home or traveling to and from your office, you may start experiencing strain in your back due to sitting for more than seven hours per day. This pain has provoked the thought of purchasing a better and more comfortable office chair than you should certainly buy one. Finding the correct office chair which is not only ergonomic but fit for your size can be challenging. Since everyone’s body is different, there is no usually perfect chair model. There are varieties of office chairs that will be comfortable for you and help maintain a healthy posture. Following are various ergonomic office chairs that will help you sit comfortably and straight while reducing long-term damage to your body.

Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase’s ergonomic chair is an expensive investment of more than $1000, but worth one. If you find yourself sitting for a long time, this ergonomic office chair is durable and provides excellent support, adjustability, and comfort. The Gesture ergonomic chair continues to be the favorite of those who try it due to its great features and ease that it offers. Its quality fabric to the dependable adjust knobs, back support, and everything in between is designed to last decades and provide comfort despite prolonged use. The Gesture also comes with a wide range of finishing options and fabrics that you can customize for your working space. 

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

This office chair by Herman Miller is not only durable but also a comfortable and iconic chair. If you work at a location without air conditioning or running hot, its mesh back and seat make it an ideal option. If you wish for a chair that holds you up for long hours, ergonomically even after long hours of sitting and working at a desk, The Aeron chair is a perfect product for you. However, it is not as versatile a chair as the Gesture since the armrest’s rest are not adjustable. This makes it less versatile for different tasks that may require arm support, such as holding up a device for an activity. It is easier to move around, doesn’t lint as much, and is less bulky than the Gesture. Since it has been around for such a long time, the fact that it can last a decade or more speaks volumes of its durability. At an office liquidation office, you can in all likelihood find a lightly used example at a discounted price.

Herman Miller Sayl

Sayl by Herman Hiller is an affordable ergonomic chair, which is an ideal alternative if you find other picks out of your budget range. It provides you with similar durability as well as comfort for as much as half the price. However, it does lack the adjustability that you will get with Steelcase Gesture offers. The Sayl is an excellent fit for office work thanks to it being a high-quality chair with firm lumbar support. It utilizes a plastic-webbed back, which manages to stay cooler than fabric cushions. This chair is designed as such that you will notice it regardless of what’s present in its surrounding. Also, if that space-age look appeals to you, then the color range of options available with this chair will allow you to stand out or fit in.

 HON Ignition 2.0

Not all can afford to spend $500 on a chair, let alone $1000. If you are looking out for an affordable alternative, Ignition 2.0 by HON will allow you to get an inexpensive office chair with the fewest sacrifices. It comes packed with all the standard adjustments that one would like to see in a chair, including tilt tension, seat depth adjustment, tilt lock, height-adjustable arms, seat height. You will find it comfortable even after all-day use, thanks to its supportive, adjustable lumbar support. While purchasing the product, ensure that you choose one labeled with adjustable lumber to get this model feature. People with below-average height may face difficulties sitting correctly with their feet flat on the floor since the seat starts at 17 inches high. Also, compared to previously mentioned products, it might not last as long as others. However, for the price of $300, you will get a robust and comfortable chair that will last for at least a few years.

Alori Task Chair

Alok Task is an ergonomic office chair and is best for you if your budget limits you to look for comfortable chairs priced under $100. It features an ergonomic backrest, a breathable padded seat, and other standard features that you would want in an ergonomic chair, such as tilt and swivel. The number of features that come packed this affordable chair can compete with alternatives two times the price. 

This chair has premium materials, such as the PU casters, that help the chair perform great on both carpet and hard floor surfaces while getting a comfortable sitting experience. The padded seat helps keep your legs and hip free from sweat and lumbar support. It also features a tilting mechanism through which you can easily change to a comfortable sitting position. And perhaps, the best thing about this chair is its affordable pricing, which makes it perfect for those who don’t plan on working from home for an extended period.

Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair

Whether you are trying to be proactive about keeping your body pain-free or dealing with back pain, this chair is worth your consideration. It features an exceptional design.

This chair comes packed with several features, which makes it more ergonomic than others. First, it comes with a built-in automatic headrest and cushions shaped to suit your body shape perfectly, a reclining action that allows you to maintain eye line. At the same time, you recline, and a responsive backrest that adapts to your back when you recline. 

Despite coming with all the features mentioned above, this ergonomic chair manages to look modern and unique in a world where most office chairs look similar. This chair utilizes premium materials for its built and allows you to make several adjustments to make this already comfortable chair even more comfortable. 

It is available in many color options. You can purchase it in red, blue, graphite, sage, navy, or the standard black model. Keep in mind that the pricing may vary depending on the color of the model.

Space Seating Professional AirGrid

Generally, adjustable office chairs available at a low price aren’t very flexible since the mechanisms that make up for tension zones and adjustable lumbar support are not cheap to make. Space Seating Professional AirGrid packs an outstanding balance, as not only this ergonomic adjustable chair is available at an affordable price of $200, It also allows you to make a lot of adjustments while sporting a modern look.

You can tweak the seat’s tilt and adjust the chair’s arm’s position and height, while the former is a crucial feature for creating a comfy sitting position when you lean forward or backward. You can also shift the armrests right and left, but it is impossible to adjust their slope or the angle. It also features a mesh fabric back, which allows for superb ventilation on hotter days. Although you would not get any fancy adjustments available in some of the expensive models, you do get the majority of the features that can help make up for a comfortable spot.


Other than price, there are two primary standards through which you can decide on which office chair you should purchase: adjustability and comfort. Adjustability is a significant factor that should allow you to adjust pretty much anything in a chair. Adjustments to look for include seat angle, seat height, seat depth, armrest angle, armrest height, armrest width, backrest angle, backrest height, as well as footrest height.