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Smart Appliances That You Should Upgrade To


The world is relentlessly heading towards newer technology. In such an era, nobody would want to stay behind. This article brings you some of the best home appliances like washing machines and home security systems to enhance your home in countless ways. 

LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator

ThinQ is artificial intelligence added to a smart fridge. It allows the newest model to communicate with other devices of the LG ThinQ. For example, it will inform your dishwasher that a big load of utensils is coming towards you. Exciting isn’t it!  

LG designs the Instaview ThinQ as a device based on AI. It has integrated Amazon Alexa and Google to add shopping list items and read aloud all the recipes. Whenever you run out of kitchen ingredients, Alexa and Google assistant are here for you. It is also a complete source of entertainment for you and the kids at home. The refrigerator features a 26-inch screen with webOS running in your home appliance.

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator

The family hub of Samsung provides your freezers and fridges with smart technologies. It is one of the best smart home devices to use in your kitchen. There’s a 21.5 inches screen that mirrors a smart TV of Samsung. Your family hub is full of many interesting apps that make your life more comfortable. One can compare it to a giant tablet that can keep your eatables fresh. Now instead of leaving notes on the fridge, you can simply communicate through the notes and other apps integrated into this system. These apps are easy to use and helpful for those who often forget shopping lists at home.

KitchenAid Smart Oven

You can be on your way home and connect the smart oven to the internet to pre-heat. It is also easy to check and be sure the wall oven is off when you leave home. KitchenAid provides you an excellent smart home device for your kitchen. Buyers have been very impressed with the quality and price of this smart oven.

It is a wall oven that can also be used as a baking stone, indoor grill, and steamer with the standard oven heating. Being one of the best home appliances, KitchenAid has a smart plug with the attachments plugged into a powered hub. Voice control systems like Alexa and google assistant can be integrated for easier use as well. 

Samsung Electric Cooktop

It is one of the most stylish home appliances that can be installed on a wall oven. Samsung electric cooktop has a flat and sleek surface that is easy to clean. This smart device can easily accommodate large pans and pots than traditional cooktops. One must not underestimate its power to boil water in a short amount of time. 

Your dishes stay warm while you cook other food because of the warming zone. The Samsung Smartthings app lets you operate the cooktop through your phone. When the surface is hot, the hot surface indicator lights flash.  

LG TurboWash Front Load Washer

It is a washing machine (front loading) rated with Energy Star. The smart device is ultra-powerful but makes no noise. You get 12 different wash modes with a steam cleaning system. One can fit this washer on top of the sidekick washer by LG because of its compatibility. This washing machine makes it smoother for you to wash multiple loads of clothes in very little time. 

We know that the washer is fast, but with that, it also removes around 95% of allergens. AAFA has certified it as a washing machine that keeps your home allergy-free. Some other significant features include the SmartThinQ Wi-Fi to ensure your washer is connected for remote monitoring and updates. You can check and download the wash cycles. 

Six washing motions are introduced by the SixMotion Technology that treats and cleans stubborn stains and fabrics. You also get Dual LED Display with Electronic Control Panel in the washing machine door to maintain your washer’s style and functioning. 

LG TurboSteam Dryer

It is an excellent smart dryer by LG that ensures to provide you with all the necessary and latest technologies. TurboSteam dryer makes your device versatile. LG TurboSteam Dryer is compatible with Sidekick washer and LG TurboWash Front Load Washer. You can stack it correctly underneath these smart devices by LG.

The SensorDry System is fantastic as it increases the drying time of your clothes if necessary. It has the ability to check humidity levels and moisture, so you don’t have to worry about over-drying your clothes. 

Some other outstanding features include the SmartThinQ Wi-Fi that allows you to monitor the washing process from far and download new cycles and updates quickly. More load dries in less time because of 7.4 cu. ft. (internal capacity). Its LoDecibel Quiet Operation and smart thermostats make you forget you’re doing laundry because it is hushed. You save a lot of money because of its Energy Star rating. This smart dryer contains a control panel (LED), just as you find in the LG TurboWash washing machine. 

Apple Homekit

Apple Homekit is an excellent system that lets users control and communicate with the connected accessories in their smart home. It is an app-controlled Homekit by Apple that makes it easier to create actions and configure accessories. Many users can create a group and control several actions using Siri. You can also use this app in home security systems. Apple Homekit is among the best smart devices with a voice control system that we can use in our busy lives. There isn’t a need to stay around smart devices all the time. Tech experts recommend Apple Homekit for added comfort to your life. 

Google Home Smart Speakers

It is a smart device, your own personal assistant that answers your calls. Google Home smart speakers make life easier in many ways. You can play music, view your calendars, and control your home entertainment through this fantastic technology. You only need to say “Ok Google,” and every digital luxury will be right before you, just like Amazon Echo. 


Not all people have jumped into adding smart devices into their homes, but now is the best time to start upgrading your appliances. Most of the products listed above are not first-generation devices. These products have undergone major changes in the last few years and they are now equipped to integrate with other devices and apps on your phone. The biggest thing to consider when upgrading to smart appliances is that the appliance you choose is able to link up with other existing devices in your home. Start searching for the best smart devices for your home by learning more about the devices listed above before buying.