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Top Sand Repellant Beach Towels


2021 is officially here, winter is at its peak, and we are all looking forward to summer. From ice-cold popsicles to swimming in the ocean, we wait patiently for all these wonderful activities. Before summer comes knocking at our doorstep, let us make sure we are ready with the most basic summer necessity, BEACH TOWELS. A good beach towel is a must-have during summers for lounging on the beach or drying off after swimming in the ocean or pool. 

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when looking for the best beach towel. Absorbency, washability, strength, color, and drying time are the key factors that we must consider. But don’t you worry, to save you time, we have used our consumer testers and expertise to bring you these top tried and tested beach towels, which will keep you sand-free, dried, and cozy throughout your day at the beach or pool. 

These are two key features you should test before buying any available beach towel.

Fiber content – Usually, beach towels are 100% terry cloth cotton. Due to the high absorbency and plush nature of terry cloth cotton, it is an ideal choice. It is also necessary to mention that other materials are just as good as cotton. Microfiber materials have a smoother texture; they shake free of sand quickly and also dry off faster.

Absorbency – If you’re not a swimming person, you should consider beach blankets; these are super cozy and sand-free. In case you are a swimming person, then you should opt for an extra absorbent and plush material. 

Top 10 Absorbent and Sand-Free Beach Towels 

Dock & Bay

This beach towel is sand resistant and super absorbent. After a dip in the ocean or a pool, you want a towel to quickly absorb the water on your body so that you can lay on the beach without having sand all over you. This towel is one of Amazon’s best sellers for the beach category. This towel is available in 38 colors with over a dozen different styles, from pineapples, rainbows, stripes to watermelons. There are many cute and funky patterns available. 


Are you tired of the regular patterns available in beach towels? Well, here is a pick that will put this issue to rest. Unlike conventional beach towels, this round beach towel blanket is made up of microfibers, which means that this particular towel is super soft and dries way quicker than cotton towels. These are available in 14 different patterns, and you can use this towel as a regular blanket or throw. To take the best care of this towel, you shouldn’t machine wash it; hand washing is best. 

The Croco

This company makes cute hooded towels for kids. Seeing kids wrapped up in their favorite character is the most adorable sight. Made up of 100% terry cloth cotton, this towel is not only comfortable but also cute. Available in 7 different designs and characters, such as dinosaurs, princesses, and even elephants.  You can also use it as a bath towel.


Nothing is more irritating than a sandy towel. This CGear towel solves this problem; all you need to do is shake or brush the towel, and voila! No more sand. The best part is that this towel has a carrying handle. 

Monster Towel

This towel is 10’×10′ in size, which means you’ll have more space around you. It is made up of microfiber, so it is very quick-drying, and it is thin, so it rolls up easily.

Utopia Cabana

This towel is of premium quality and affordable. It costs less than any other beach towel and comes in a pack of 4. It is 100% cotton, so it is very comfortable, soft, and dries quickly. Make sure you follow all the care instructions. 

Your choice

This towel is polyester and nylon, which is remarkably known for its quick-drying purposes. Its material is thinner than cotton towels, so you can easily roll it up for storing and packing purposes. It has a wide range of shades and is available in two different sizes. This towel can be machine washed. 


Tesalate is a well-known beach towel brand. This beach towel brand is famous for sand-free and absorbent features. This oversized towel is made up of microfiber and is ideal for family beach trips. It is available in various patterns and colors, making this beach towel aesthetically pleasing.

Laguna Beach Textile Company

Many people prefer beach blankets over towels, which is why we bring you this beach blanket. The top of this blanket is fleece, which helps avoid a mess, while the bottom is a durable waterproof material. Since fleece is a warmer material, this beach blanket is more suited for a cold beach day. This blanket also comes with its very own carrying case. 


This product is brought to you by L.L. Bean, famous for its travel gear and towels. This product can be monogrammed according to your choice with up to 10 characters, making it a personalized towel.  This towel is also 100% cotton. 


There you have it, top 10 beach towels. Whether you prefer a big blanket style towel, a hooded towel, or a traditional towel, this list has got you covered. Choose the one that works best for you and get ready for a warm and beautiful summer.