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Best Products for Eyelash Extensions

The primary concern that any client has about the lash extension is how long the lash will last? This is dependent on some different factors:

  • What quality of products you used for lash extension
  • How the practitioner has applied the lashes
  • If the technician gives the aftercare treatment

To get the best result and reviews by the client, the most important thing is that you also provide your client with the best aftercare products that will help maintain the quality of the product and your service. We care for you and strive to give you the best advice ever. We have made a list of some of the most essential eyelash extension care products that will surely provide you with the ability to provide a better service to your clients.

Lash bath foam

dirty lashes can cost you a lot more than you may think. There are many other problems associated with messy lashes that your clients may encounter like dirty lashes naturally give bacterias a place to grow as there is because of the production of dead skin cells, oily secretions, and dirt that is very favorable for bacteria’s growth. The second problem that may arise due to dirty lashes is that it can make your appointment take longer, and you then have to waste your extra time cleaning the eyelashes. The biggest problem that may arise due to dirty lashes is the infection that your client may encounter. The condition may lead to the loss of natural lashes as well. You can have BL lash foam as one of the lash bath foam products that use botanically infused-oil and is very useful for protecting your eyes’ sensitive areas.

Most eyelash foams have zanthoxylum, a fruit extract that helps prevent bacterial infection.

Lash cleansing brush

a lash cleansing brush is an essential product that can help your clients with the best aftercare. This product will help your client clean the lashes to the deepest core from every angle possible. Many other lash cleaning products that people generally use may include cotton pads, but a lash cleansing brush has more significant advantages. With the help of a lash extension cleansing brush, you can have the deepest dirt particle removed from the eyelash.

Oil-free makeup remover

the oil-based makeup removers are very bad as they may cause adhesive loss. The oil secreted by an oil-based makeup remover may make your lash extension get removed very quickly, and due to this, your service may get low rates. You have to make sure that you inform and provide your clients with the oil-free makeup remover on hand to make sure that the eyelash extension shows longer-lasting results.

Lash coating sealant

there are many lash coating sealants available that help prolongs the eyelash extensions’ duration by acting like a protective layer that will provide better adhesiveness. These lash coating sealants are naturally empowered with many natural extracts that will also help the lash extensions prevent sweat, dirt particles, and oil, providing the best results possible.

Lash growth serum

it is recommended that you provide your customers with lash growth serum that will help the lashes grow naturally which will surely be appreciated by your clients. The lash growth serum helps strengthen the lash’s hair follicle by providing them with all the needed ingredients needed for natural growth.

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