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Games And Apps To Keep Your Mind Sharp


In these times of smartphone dominance, people are losing their mental abilities and sharpness. Our dependency on our mobile phones has diminished our problem-solving skills and reduced the cognitive functions of our brains. No doubt, technology is a must for us and is a part of human evolution, yet overuse and excessive addiction is a disaster. So it is very crucial to keep the brain active and alert. 

Physical fitness keeps the body strong, but it is equally important to keep the mind also strong and to improve its cognitive skills. Today due to advanced technology, there are many games designed to increase your brain function and improve your problem-solving capabilities. We have compiled such games and apps that would keep your mind sharp and improve brain health. 


With more than 70 million users, this is definitely the market leader in this category. It comes in both paid and free versions. The free version of the brain trainer is limited but still is very beneficial. Each day you need to solve 3 different tasks. These exercises are devised to track your brain functions like speed, memory, and concentration. Each task is problem-solving and is time-bound, so you are forced to make quick decisions and challenge your brain. It shows levels of your progress, and your skills can be tracked. This training exercise is 15 minutes daily. If you would like to use more features, you can buy the paid version of it, which has much broader options. 


It is an iOS app and it is designed to help your brain achieve some happiness in everyday mundane life. The science-based games designed by Happify are programmed to make your brain refocus on positivity. It also contains meditations, which are guided and calms your mind. The best thing about this brain training app is that it gives the users the option to create their own happiness, track their progress, and have the option to get help from an expert. This is a paid app, but you can download it for free. 


As you age, the one most prominent thing you feel is memory loss and decline in mental agility. The Eidetic app is designed to test and boost up your short term memory. Available in both iOS and Google Play, this app is embedded with such technology that it helps you remember anything. It uses a spaced repetition method that asks you to feed information that you want to store. Now, this app frequently and at random intervals, asks you about it. The data in this app is safely stored in cloud storage which allows you to use it from any device. 

Fit Brain Trainer

If you want to improve your logical thinking, concentration, and have a good visual memory, then the Fit Brain Trainer is the right brain teaser for you. It is based on the popular pairs match game, but in this app, not only do you need to remember the card’s position but also identify the features that are identical. These features are divided into:

  • Math: The sum of the numbers
  • Details: Circles passing halves
  • Associations: Associate principles
  • Colors: Identical colors

It’s suitable for both kids and adults and is fun like a card game. 

Xperica HD

This amazing mobile game focuses on physical sciences, which is why it is one of the most popular mental games on the net. It doesn’t provide the user with some pre-defined problems to solve. Instead, it tends to stimulate principles like hydrostatic motions and prompts the player to choose options in the lab and come to a meaningful conclusion. It develops the analytic power of the brain and enhances your mental skills. It is a well thought out game that develops great analytical skills in the end-user and also makes them work hard and become smarter. 


Today, when humankind is becoming a slave of modern-day technology and is on the verge of losing logical sanity, it is very important to keep our brain sharp and agile. The smartphone is taking away all the smartness from us and making us addicted. It is very important that we understand this alarming issue and try to overcome it. The above-stated applications would not only keep you entertained but would also help you improve your brainpower and cognitive ability. It is very important to keep both your physical health and mental health in top condition and shape.