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Permanent Eyebrow Methods

There are so many ways to style and shape eyebrows to get that perfect natural look, which can make you feel overwhelmed. Did you know that your two brows aren’t the same? You might notice the difference if you look closely, but don’t worry you do not have to create perfectly matching brows. There are some general tips and tricks to help you get those natural-looking brows, including the best professional methods. Having permanent eyebrows is a dream for every woman, but permanent eyebrows can vary from person to person and artist to artist. 

We will be talking about some of the best permanent methods to help you get thick and natural-looking brows.

Natural Eyebrows

Perfectly shaped eyebrows highlight one’s face. We all desire to have that bold eye look. Styles come and go, and so keep that in mind if you are the type of person that likes to switch your style up often. Everyone is looking for new ideas and different methods to shape and color their brows. The natural look never goes out of style, and finding the perfect shape to suit your face is a dream come true!

Different Permanent Eyebrow Methods

Permanent eyebrow methods refer to cosmetic techniques that use tattoos to give your brows a natural look. Permanent eyebrows are usually done with a process called manual tattooing. There are several names given to this method, such as micro-pigmentation and cosmetic tattooing. 

Shading Method

This is among the popular techniques, the ones who want to shape, reshape, and enhance their brows’ color. This method uses a soft pigmented brow powder to fill up the brows.

Hair Stroke

This method will help achieve the natural look as it shows tiny little eyebrow hair instead of pigments. The artist creates hairline strokes as multiple coloring is used. The results are interchangeable, and the brows almost look identical, though they are made using different tools. Hairstroke uses a single needle which is used to create hair.

Microblading Method

The name of this method can sometimes be referred to as eyebrow embroidery. It is newly semi-permanent cosmetic makeup. This method is best suited for the ones who suffer hair loss or simply have minimal eyebrow hair so that they can have a natural eyebrow look. Microblading uses a manual tool that draws in individual hairs. 

Feathering Method

The feathering method is the combination of the hair stroke and shading methods. However, the strokes are made to provide each other with a shaded dimensional appearance. Sadly, this method is not suitable for all types of skin, so before going for this, you will need to consult your skin care doctor.

Henna Brow Method

It is a popular method, safe, and long-lasting; though it will tint your brow temporarily, it is a painless method, and you do need an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel. It’s an excellent method and can be used for trial before you commit to feather touch tattooing.

Types of Brows and How are They Achieved

Ombre and Powder Brows

Ombre brows and powder brows look identical, and both are done using a single needle. However, ombre eyebrows are more defined and look filled in more than power brows, which looks natural. The technique uses an angled shaped brush to fill in your brows that gives your brow an outline.

Combination Brows

A combo eyebrow is made up of powder or ombre and microblading or hair stroke and shading together. This way, you can match the density of your tattooed hair and natural hair. If you want a more defined look, you can go for this option.


Perfect eyebrows are every woman’s dream. These top eyebrow methods can help elevate your day-to-day eyebrow appearance. These methods can help you get ready quickly in the morning especially without the added hassle of having to draw on the perfect symmetrical brows. The best way to perfect a natural-looking eyebrow is to enhance its natural shape and volume. It is recommended that you continue to refine your eyebrows every few years depending on the method you choose.