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Stay Safe: Essential Products For These Hard Times


The whole world is going through a devastating pandemic from Covid-19. It was indeed a reality check or speed breaker for fast-moving humanity as a whole. People across the globe came to know about the vulnerability of humankind against a micro virus. Even the most advanced nations of the world were on their knees against this killer virus. Most of you are staying home; others maintain workplace safety and health by washing hands regularly, wearing masks, and following instructions given by health organizations and centers for disease control and prevention.  

During these challenging times of Covid-19, it is essential that we stay safe and keep with us some actual products that can be a lifesaver during the pandemic. Here are some gadgets that can be of great help to you and your family.  

Air Purifiers To Improve Air Quality

Air purifiers have always been there, but the importance of them has increased dramatically post Covid-19. They purify the house of smoke, dust, allergens, and mold and help improve environmental health. The Molekule’s air mini, priced at $499, is a compact and silent purifier. It is efficient in cleaning viruses that are airborne and scattered droplets that can be present in the house for hours. 

This cleaner’s fantastic feature is that it can take air from a 360 ° angle, which means it can cover the whole house. It can also show the indoor air quality of your home. The level indicators would display the level of “good” to “very bad” so that you can have an idea of your indoor air quality. You can also adjust the fan’s speed, which comes in 5-speed options. It provides you with an app that would help you monitor the photoelectrochemical Oxidation or PECO filtering stage. The company also claims to follow all the FDA guidelines on reducing the spread of Covid-19 and meets performance criteria. 

No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

Social distancing is the need for the hour in present times. If this deadly virus has infected anyone near to you or your family member, it is always a smart decision to maintain distance. It is also essential to check for body temperature regularly, especially in children. So getting the iHealth’s No-Touch thermometer is a good option. This no-touch thermometer has a unique aspect that utilizes the hybrid of not one but three thermal readings to give the final reading, which offers accurate body temperature. 

You have to place the thermometer just an inch above the person’s forehead and then press the button. When the device has reached the accurate reading, it will vibrate (a convenient option when the patient is sleeping, especially children). The led screen on the device shows the reading. It comes with a one-year warranty and instructions and runs on two AAA batteries.

UV Light Sanitizer For Your Smartphones

Your smartphone may look super clean to you, but research done by the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine shows that it is, in fact, seven times dirtier than a toilet seat. It is also a very ripe place for the coronavirus to live on the surface of your smartphone for four days. Here is where the Homedics UV-clean Phone sanitizer comes to your rescue. Hand sanitizers are not suitable for smartphones, and UV can be the best option to clean them. 

It is designed as a small pouch in which you can easily place your smartphones. It is built to accommodate any size smartphones, from larger ones like Galaxy S20 Ultra to smaller ones like iPhone mini. Once you place your phone inside the pouch, you need to zip it and press the start button. The machine’s powerful ultraviolet rays are powerful enough to eradicate 99.9% of virus and bacteria to the DNA level.

The HoMedics uses UV-C LED technology, which speeds up the sanitation and cleans the phones in just one minute, making it faster than any other sanitizer in the market at ten times quicker. Once charged, it can give you 70 sanitizations. You can charge this machine with a USB cable that is included in the packing. If you wish to sanitize larger objects than the smartphones like jewelry, sunglasses, remotes, etc., you can get the UV Clean portable sanitizer bag. 

Touchless Soap Dispenser

The Center for disease control and even the world health organization has been very clear from the start of this pandemic that soap and disinfecting wipes are a compelling element in destroying the Covid-19 virus. A simple combination of soap and water has been successful in saving millions of lives worldwide. The TROPRO’S touchless soap dispenser is a great option to have at your office or home. It is loaded with fantastic pumping technology, which reacts to your hand’s placement near the sensor. It comes with an elegant yet straightforward two-button handle design. To turn it on or off, you need to long-press it. It is a leak-free design, so you don’t have to worry about any soap leaking. The device is powered by AAA batteries and is not rechargeable. 

Concluding Thoughts

Safety training and management begins with self and then near and dear ones. It is imperative to understand this pandemic’s grievousness and be prepared to combat it until vaccination is developed. It is always a good move to keep the kind of gadgets mentioned in this blog with you. It helps to keep your physical health in tip-top shape and gives you a fighting chance against the coronavirus threat.