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Top 10 Online Brokerage Platforms

Top 10 Online Brokerage Platforms!

 Anyone who has a computer, functional internet connectivity and money to invest can open his or her trading account and can get a shot at earning a spectacular income online. 

Today we are going to talk about how online brokerage can help you earn outstanding earnings and which platforms are the best. 

Online trading has been a booming option to make money for years, and it is now accessible to all the users who want to try their luck, but this doesn’t mean that it’s too easy and that anyone can do online trading and earn leaps and bounds. 

Some people have splendid luck while trading and had earned awe-inspiring money from trading while few people have a hard chance and gained nothing. 

Let’s begin talking about some real trading benefits and tricks that will help your income touch the zenith with few easy steps.  

What is an online brokerage or e-brokerage? 

An online brokerage is an internet brokerage community that helps you buy or sell stocks and generate investment from their website. Hence, a broker decides which stock is best for the investment. Few organizations are available offline and online to provide their guiding services while some offer their services exclusively online.  

Today internet has successfully acknowledged massive users and provides the right information about the stock market if the audience knows how to decipher this information. Anyone willing to invest money can do so with secure internet connections. Initially, only a few people knew about trading and investing money in stocks. But now people know more about the brokerage industry, and any potential user can be a part of this significant investment association.  

How online stock brokers help for better online trading? 

Online trading is one of the best ways to make money online, and to this broker can be a real help in choosing which stock is right for investment. There are several brokers available on the internet that guide users and make the trading safe and profit-generating. 

An online brokerage guides you with the right information, learning tips, and achieving your investment goals. For new investors, things might not be that easy and known; to this, you can opt for an efficient online brokerage and invest money under their guidance. Pacing up in the race with other competitive investors might be frustrating and disappointing as you are not sure which stock to invest in, and hiring a brokerage would help and lessen the stress.

There is no 100% guarantee of returns to any investment done either by you or the brokerage, but with an expert brokerage, there are higher chances of profitable returns. Here we will discuss a few of the lucrative online brokerage that is best and most picked ones. 

Top online brokerage with best Customer Services: 

1. TD Ameritrade

 The first one is the list of top online brokerage platform is TD Ameritrade; it provides first-class trading information of brokers for beginners. This brokerage company has amazing market research, and it is one of the best trading platforms with excellent customer services. TD Ameritrade has a substantial social media presence, which is why it encourages maximum audiences to invest money in trading. You can open an account without any deposit, and it eases the learning processing and waits until it achieves full customer satisfaction. 

2. E*Trade

ETrade is available on the website and a mobile app, so new investors can who want to know about the tools, annual fee, education offerings, and portfolios that can easily access them. Etrade doesn’t charge for trade commissions, and for new investors, the stock trade broker offering is $0. The Etrade is one of the superior and top-ranked broker platforms; it offers three types of accounts within a minimum of $2500 for ETFs or $500 for mutual funds. The accessibility to the Etrade’s net worth is not allowed; it charges $0.65 per trade commission to passive traders, while for active traders, the commission fee is $0.50 per options contract.

3. Fidelity

Anyone can open an account with $0 stock trades at Fidelity; it is one of the far-reaching online brokerages with industry-leading research. Fidelity has a mobile app that is trouble-free to access the insights of the company offerings. For new investors who don’t know which brokerage site is the best broker for beginners, Fidelity is the best option. It charges $0.65 per options trading contract, and it is best for active investors.

4. Merrill

Merrill is one of the best broker companies that offer high-quality customer services, and this is why it is ranked in the top 10 list. Merrill is a part of the Bank of America group; it provides detailed information to the new investors who want to know the real insights of trading and can consult until they are fully satisfied. It is also active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram. It has two mobile applications, so users who want to know about the trading and its informative can access the online platforms. The trading commission is $0.65 per options contract.

5. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is one of the best brokerages on the internet as it has incredible reviews with full customer satisfaction. It has the excellent market knowledge, high-quality trading tools, and portfolios for the customer acquaintance. Charles Schwab offers $0 stock trades and commissions $0.65 per options trading.

6. Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is best for day trading investors, it has low-cost trading options, and there is no hidden execution cost. It has widespread global access as it is available in 135 market centers and 26 countries. Interactive Brokers charges $0.005 per stock trade (IBKR pro share) and $0.65 per option trades. The tools and tradable securities at IB all come from TWS (Trader Workstation) platforms.

7. TradeStation 

For active traders, TradeStation offers its services from desktop platforms, while for day traders, they have a web-based platform and all come with a $0 commission fee for stock and ETF trades. TradeStation is one of the best trading platforms. It has high-quality trading tools, and regular updates on stock charts have a mobile app that makes the analysis process more comfortable, easy, and efficient. It offers option trade for $0.50, which is considerably less than other platforms.

8. Ally Invest

Unlike other trading platforms, Ally Invest provides $0 stock trade and ETFs trades. It provides remarkable customer services, which is one of the reasons it is ranked in the top list, and it has easy to use web-based application. Ally Invest has prominent knowledge of the stock market and has top-rated tools that help in trading and has excellent information portfolios for better knowledge to new investors.

9. Robinhood Online Brokerage

Robinhood charges a $0 trade fee and free access to the easy to use mobile apps. New investors can find excellent education offerings on this platform, typical trading tools, and quite considerable knowledge about the trading market. Robinhood is best for the basic stock trading; unlike TD Ameritrade and Etrade, it doesn’t provide effective services, but still subscribing to this broker platform is quite ok than nothing.

10. Lightspeed

Lightspeed has a third party trading platform for serving its active investors and professional traders. Lightspeed is not the best broker for beginners as they avoid beginners and support people who would invest and spend money for both stock and broker’s commission. It charges $0.60 per option trades, and for the equity trades, the offers start with $0.0045 per share and add on a $1 routing fee. Lightspeed has a high trading cost compared to other top trading platforms, so the main reason beginners don’t opt for this platform. 


Here are the top online trading platforms with outstanding and first-rate trading services, tremendous trading tools, and exceptional education offering for their new investors.  

Before opting for any offline or online brokerage, always check whether the company has excellent market research tools, great client reviews, first-rated tools, resources, and, last but not least, offers education and guidance in trading for their new investors.