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Top 12 Most Downloaded Apps Of 2020


Since March 2020, the pandemic has brought a lot of problems. During the lockdown, mobile phones were the best solution to combat restlessness and idleness. Life seemed to be at a standstill. The trend of app downloading became very popular as compared to other years. Unlike other industries and sectors, app downloads were positively affected by Covid-19.  The popular apps were used more despite last year’s events and the mobile marketing campaign did not stop. The smartphones of most of the users have been stuffed with downloaded apps like never before. Here are some of the most downloaded apps of 2020;

Apple Arcade

This is a gaming service launched by Apple in 2019, which allows App store users to access various games by paying a monthly fee. The users can download and play games at no additional cost. This streaming service proved to be the best solution for users during a lockdown when we were gated in. In the beginning, there were around fifty games but due to its growing demand, Apple added new titles and the number increased to a hundred. The social networks have made Apple Arcade available in more than 150 countries. The countries with the App Store can access this gaming service.

Tik Tok

This app has been downloaded by most of the users in 2020. This app has crossed 2 billion downloads all across the world during the pandemic. The Covid-19 crisis has made this app a medium of entertainment by combining it with social media. The users can enjoy a better quality video on social networks.


In the overall download category, this is the most installed app with 95 million installs. When all offices and schools were shut down due to the Covid-19 outbreak, when work from home was implemented, Zoom was popularly used for calling and virtual meetings or video conferencing by the users. This app has won the award for the iPad of the year.


Among the apps, worldwide WhatsApp is the most widely and popularly used app for chatting. It also supports communication through a network between international phones. With 100 billion + downloads  Whatsapp ranks third and has been in use during a pandemic crisis.


Among various mobile applications this app was downloaded by the users as a video viewing and sharing app with the help of a desktop or handset device. It became more popular due to special features like offering monetization solutions to content makers, an offline download facility, and the best hoster of videos in the market. This is one of the most desired video platforms where video makers can shoot and post unique content. It also allows users to subscribe to videos, get notifications, and access channels on mobile phones.


It’s the world’s number one and the most popular app of 2020. It has shown its worth during the Covid-19 outbreak when people wanted to stay connected. Facebook has been among the top 10 apps in the Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store. When it comes to its family it has Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. The two important activities of Facebook are marketing and Facebook Advertising which helped businesses during a lockdown.


Among the million downloads, this photo and video sharing app is the most popular one. It is very useful for marketing and offers a lot of opportunities to connect with the audience through Instagram stories. Insta lives etc.

Google Meet

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Google Meet experienced a jump in downloads like Zoom. While working from home, the users turned to this app and hence the number of downloads reached 50 million. As it was made free for all users, this app gained a lot of popularity. As a result of some security issues with Zoom, Google Meet was used by numerous users.

Microsoft Teams

Like Google Meet, Zoom, and many other installed apps, Microsoft Team has gained a boost due to the work from home task. Despite being a new app. Teams have been found more productive and interesting.

Genshin Impact

A game published and developed by miHoYo, known as Genshin Impact is a free to play game that features an open world environment of fantasy and a role-playing battle system that uses elemental magic. It also became popular in 2020.

Sneaky Sasquatch

One of the best games of Apple Arcade is simple, deep, and complex. It allows users to sneak around campsites, steal food from picnic baskets, and troubling park rangers. It also includes finding treasure using a map. This game became everybody’s favorite and kept the users entertained during pandemics.

Mac App of the Year

Talking about Macs they are fantastically featured premium devices, have awesome apps, and desktop programs supported by Apple. It is a sleep and relaxation app and a reflection of our lifestyle during pandemics including work from home. It is a very productive app that can be included in the 2020 winners category.


As a final thought, no one expected that the year 2020 would make the apps so popular among end-users. When people were forced to stay indoors due to Covid-19, mobile applications were the only source that kept them engaged and busy. More and more users downloaded apps to watch videos, movies, play games, and share snaps and chat with their friends and relatives. The streaming services on the phones played a very crucial role in reducing depression, idleness, and restlessness by launching various apps. The apps not only kept the audiences engaged but also helped in operating an online business and accelerating its growth. The students and office staff could work from home with the help of video conferencing and Google Meet apps. There was a huge increase in cross-app usage and the users stayed connected and socialized due to mobile applications. There has been a digital transformation like never before in 2020. The technology became globally successful because of rich applications and everybody witnessed growth all over the world despite the pandemic events.