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Top Space Heaters For Your Cold Basement


Basements have a remarkable multifunctional space, but unfortunately, they are not the best-insulated spaces in your home. But with the right heater, you can use your basement during the winter months. If you work in your basement, you should know the inconvenience and frustration that stiff, cold fingers play in completing any project. Following are the top ten basement heaters that will keep you warm on cold days.

DeLonghi TRD40615E Radiant Heater

This heater comes with an innovative design that heats cold rooms with 20% more efficiently radiant surface heat. It produces maximum heat with a low temperature and circulates warm air throughout the room. It has 1500 W of heating power with a mute function.
Its Eco-Plus function picks the ideal power level based on the current room temperature, resulting in 20% to 40% energy savings. This heater is suitable for medium and large rooms. It also features an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings with a timer and permanently sealed oil reservoir, and high-quality steel assembly. The wheels make it easy to move. Delonghi’s is a well-designed and efficient heater for medium-sized rooms. You also do not have to refill an oil reservoir.

Wheels for Mobility
Oil Never Needs Refilling
Adjustable Thermostat, Multiple Heat Settings with a Timer
Thermal Cutoff and Anti-Freeze Setting to Help Prevent Freezing Pipes.
Reliability Problems in Some Cases


It is virtually silent as it relies on radiant heat, which means you will not have to handle the noise that many heaters emit. This heater is an oil-filled heater that produces energy-efficient radiant heat to keep the room warm even on the coldest of days. You can customize the temperature easily via the user-friendly LED display panel to ensure you stay comfortably warm.
Large heating elements heat the air through convection. Air is circulated throughout the room regardless of the position within your basement. This electric heater is an excellent choice for people who have allergies as it will not blow allergic particles around the room.

The caster wheels help with the portability. You can set the temperature from three convenient settings in terms of heating your basement. There are five temperature settings to select from that range from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. These features allow you to customize the temperature settings and achieve the perfect comfort level with maximum efficiency. It comes with an excellent safety switch that automatically turns off the heater if you knock it over.

Additionally, the NY1507-14A comes with overheating protection that protects the frame and wire. It will not dry out the air as this unit utilizes radiant heat. The air will remain breathable and comfortable because it will not feel hot or stifling.

Remote Included
Quiet Operation
Five Temperature Settings
12-Month Warranty
Programmable Thermostat
Caster Wheels Swivel
Only Has Preset Temperature Settings

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

The Dr. Infrared Heater can heat a massive room in a brief period. This basement heater has a low and high feature of an auto energy-saving model. It also protects from overheating. A PTC and infrared quartz tube make up the dual heating system and have a timer that shuts off in 12 hours automatically. The heater is lightweight with only 24 pounds and uses power of 12.5 A. The electric cord is 72 inches long that comes with the heater, and the heater runs on 1500 W.

Includes An IR Remote Control
Equipped With Castor Wheels For Easy Movement
The Blower Is Silent
Includes An Electronic Thermostat
If used for a long time, the plastic in the plug may heat up and show signs of melting.

Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

This wood pellet stove is an excellent heater for larger spaces, and also it comes with a smart controller. This controller lets you set a 24-hour program for each day of the week with variations by heat setting, calendar date, and time. It is easy to install within an hour and can be vented directly without connecting to a chimney or flue. Also, it is to clean, even though wood pellets fuel it. The inner chambers are smooth with an ash pan and fire pot that you can easily pullout for cleaning.

Efficient Heating For Large Spaces
Easy Cleaning Compared To Other Wood Stoves
Affordable Fuel
Includes Smart Controller With Timer And Thermostat
It needs venting, which is more difficult in basements.

LifeSmart 6 Element Infrared Heater

This Infrared heater is suitable and ultra-efficient for a large room. It has six infrared quartz elements, a remote control, three energy savings settings, and dual timer settings that can turn the unit on or off for 12 hours.
The heater has an eco setting for energy-efficient heating and E-Z glide casters to quickly move the heater from different rooms. This heater also has a modern design that heats the space effectively and efficiently with convection and has a 25% more radiant surface to warm quickly. While ensuring a low surface temperature, the thermal chimneys give maximum heating.
When the temperature drops below 44 degrees F, the anti-freeze setting allows the unit to turn automatically. Safety features include overheating protection, rust-resistant, and durable metal construction. This heater is the right choice if you have kids or pets in the house as it comes with plenty of great features like remote control, efficient design, and safe to touch surface. It combines convective and radiant heat to keep the room warm.

Energy Efficient
Good Safety Features
Uses Both Convection and Radiant Heating
Plug Can Overheat

PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater

The PELONIS Electric Heater offers many reasons to try it out in your basement with great heating options. Five temperature settings let you achieve a room temperature that keeps you warm and cozy. A safety feature shuts the radiator heater when it is overheated or accidentally falls and a power indicator that tells you when the unit is on. The medium for heat-conducting is oil, making the heater take a little longer to reach the desired temperature.

Silent Swivel Castor Wheels That Can Rotate 360 Degrees
Includes Programmable Thermostat And A 24-Hour Timer
The thermostat is not so accurate and may heat the room a bit too much.

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX With Wi-Fi

The sleek design of this infrared heater is so modern and comes with a Wi-Fi connection so you can control the settings from your smartphone at any time.
You can set the temperature from your smartphone, place a timer, turn on the child lock, and program a heating schedule for each day of the week.

This heater carries a punch, capable of warming spaces as big as 750 square feet despite its compact size and narrow shape. Plus, the grill stays safe, making this a smart choice for households with kids and pets, too. Installation is easy with the plug-and-go concept.

Raises Room’s Ambient Temperature
Silent Running
Remote Controlling From Mobile Phone
Modern And Sleek Wall-Mounted Design
More Challenging To Meet Desired Room Temperature

Patton PUH680-N-U Milk-House Utility Heater

Patton heater is a space heater that uses electricity to produce heat. This heater offers vintage charm with its steel housing. The design of this heater for the basement is rugged with a silent fan. The heat settings range from low to high, and if it tips over, the machine shuts off automatically. This heater is ideal for basements with a seating capacity of 1000 and 1500 W. The heater also includes an intense visibility power light to tell if it is on from the other side of the room.

Large Handle For Easy Carry
Convection Coil To Heat, Which Is Fan-Forced
Features Manual Controls
The Front Guards Are Augmented With Protection
Equipped With An Automatic Thermostat
It Turns On And Off In Short Intervals

Lasko Ceramic Space Heater – Silver 754200

This heater is the right space heater for the basement, from medium to small-sized. The thermostat lets you adjust the heating element to 11 temperature settings, and it is made of ceramic. With many built-in features for safety, this space heater has a surface that stays cool and does not get overheated even after staying on for a long time.

Heats 300 sq. ft Area Perfectly
Includes Three Quiet Settings— Fan, Low, And High Heat
Equipped With A Handle, Making It Portable
It Does Not Require Assembling Or Installation
Compact Size
If the heater falls, it may continue working, which can leave some burn marks on your floor.

ISILER Space Heater

This heater has an excellent appearance. This ceramic heater runs on PTC ceramic heating elements, which does not consume oxygen and produces no lights or flames. If the temperature exceeds the limit value, it will automatically shut off and turn on once it gets to a safe temperature. This heater for the basement features an adjustable thermostat with dial control and a ranging temperature.

Made Using Fire-Retardant Materials
Quickly Heats
Ergonomic Handle Makes It Portable
The heater fan may run all the time, even in heat mode.

Final Words
Many options are different in size, capacity, portability, and installation requirements. These features give you more flexibility in how you want to keep your basement warm. Think carefully about the basement’s function, your budget, and the already present insulation to find the best heating device for you.