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Weight Loss and Fat Burning Supplements: What Is Effective?

Weight Loss


While the most common belief that we associate with people who make up their minds to lose that extra kilo or two is that they want to look good. It is so common that people associate dieting or losing weight as a must-have before pepping up for that big festival, either to fit into that one dreamy outfit of their or crazy social standards of the society. But either way, weight loss is not limited to the above said two. 

People believe weight loss as a key to their aura of a healthy life and beautiful figure. The reason why people fall for this is apparent, the prejudices of society. But the truth is that leaner people are also susceptible to diseases, and beauty comes in all colors and sizes. 

It’s good to be comfortable in your skin, but that does not mean that being obese or overweight is good. Losing a few of those non-essential fats may help you in many ways other than just being healthy.

Women Jogging


GAIN CONFIDENCE: Let’s be honest with ourselves. However strongly we may deny, there has been more than one instance where you were not satisfied with yourself. It may be because of the school bullies who tease you or because every random person tugs your check, saying how cute you are. Yes, one should not care about judgments, but the people who face it know the best. These anxieties may lead to insecurities and low self-esteem, thus pushing one to depression. There are many stories where people have gained their confidence by losing weight. It might be because they are now confident in facing the world as well as themselves. 

BECOME HEALTHIER: Being overweight increases your risk manifold in contracting various life-threatening diseases. An overweight person is more susceptible to diseases like heart ailments, blood pressure, and diabetes. Some people are also found to have a higher risk of getting cancer, particularly breast cancer. Your chance of getting osteoarthritis increases by over six times for a person who is overweight. Even though almost everyone does get arthritis in old age, the pain and degree are worse for those who are overweight. Another benefit is you can reverse your symptoms of type 2 diabetes, a disease that is closely associated with obesity. Increased BMI also indicates getting exposed to several infections like gum, mouth, and stomach. An overweight person is also at higher risk of diseases and post-surgery side effects primarily because of complications regarding their body weight. The healing time exceeds way more than what a healthy person requires. So shedding those extra kilos may keep these hazards at bay and increase your life expectancy.  

DEVELOP ENERGY: When the bodyweight reduces, the amounts of energy spent in performing a particular act also decrease a great deal. It also accounts to be the most significant factor which is promoting weight loss in America. 

HEALTHY SLEEP: Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder in which your breaths become shallower or stop while sleeping. Roughly 30 million people in the US suffer from this. This public health problem is primarily attributed to those excess fats in the body. According to the study, almost 50% of obese people silently suffer without being aware of the disorder. In addition to sleep deprivation, our metabolism is hindered as sleep is a contributor to a healthy metabolism. 

FEWER ALLERGIES AND ASTHMA: Since the fat deposition strains the respiratory system and burdens the glands responsible for our allergic reaction, losing weight may indeed help develop a higher tolerance than before. 

BOOST YOUR MEMORY: Studies have shown that people performed better at memory tests when they lost weight. Scientifically also, it is proven that the intake of sugar-laden foods like cola hinders brain activity. 

HEALTHY SKIN: A secret that all know to healthy skin is a healthy diet. If you change your diet (which ultimately means losing weight) and include healthy food, you might be able to jump over those acne and pimple breakouts.  

SOCIAL BENEFITS: If you shed the extra kilos, you become more active. You tend to socialize and explore more. You reach out to others and can even inspire others to get fit. 


There are various ways. Most followed, but the unhealthiest way is by following crash diets. These diets promise you drastic weight loss by a few days or weeks. However, some may not give any desired effects; others may harm your body more. Hence, it is advisable not to blindly take up diets that you see on the internet or your celebrities endorse.

Crash Diet

Another thing worthy to notice is that the body stores these fats in specialized fat cells. Hence if you lose weight, you are not losing the fat cells but technically draining these cells off their fat deposits. Therefore if you revert from your diet/ decision, you are at risk of gaining the lost weight quickly.

The best and efficient way is to lose them gradually. This method is safe, healthier, and suitable for mostly all. 

First of all, expert advice will help you to organize and start. Visit a dietician and get knowledge about what your body needs and what is lacking. They will tell you the speed at which you should take up the matter. Here is a step by step plan: 

STEP #1 – YOUR DIET: The first and foremost is to change your diet. Start by slowly cutting down the portion of the intake. A Japanese secret to a long and healthy life is often equated to eating only up to 80% of your full. It’s a common saying that you must always leave your dining table feeling a little hungry. 

 A more significant portion indicates larger calories. Fill your diet with nutrient-rich healthy foods like fruit and veggies. These ensure that you remain full without adding many calories. Also, they provide you have your daily dose of minerals and nutrients. Add legumes and opt for lean meats so that you are not missing out on your proteins. 

Avoid refined cereal products like bread and pasta. Though these are the staple food source, these are quite unhealthy. It is essential to keep in mind that staying away from carbs and junk food is as important as having healthy food in your diet. If you do not refrain from gorging on your favorite snacks, all your efforts shall go in vain.

 You can also substitute your sugar-coated meals to a healthy alternative like nuts and seeds. Make sure you drink water regularly as it releases toxins from your body and keeps your body hydrated, aiding to weight loss. Do not include sodas and colas as beverages. 


STEP #2 – EXERCISE: For the best result, you are advised to focus on weight and cardio training. If you are just starting, take it slow. Cardio exercises, like running…etc. burns calories, while weight training that focuses on resistance builds lean muscles. Start by giving half an hour daily, which you can gradually raise to two hours, depending on how your body supports. Do not strain and injure yourself by taking on hardcore exercise. 

Start simple: like trade lifts with stairs, walk or cycle to nearby areas rather than getting on the car. In fact, cycling provides a fun and easy way of exercising. Other fun ways are swimming, jogging, and joining aerobic/Zumba classes. Increase the chances of using your body in your lifestyle. If you can join the gym, you can get tailor-made exercises for you, focusing on both diets and workouts. The best tip is never to overdo. Another thing is that do not stop midway. Continue the healthy habits you’ve cultivated, even though you may be tempted to have cheat days.

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STEP #3 – MAINTAIN THE RECORD: Keep a journal of your weight loss. Regularly weigh yourself and note down the progress. Maintain fitness by following the plan and exercising. Set up goals for the week or month. This way, you can have a realistic approach and plan for your long term goal. 


The nutritional supplements increase your metabolism and reduce fat absorption by the body. In other words, it helps you burn excess fat. Most of these are either weight loss supplements or dietary supplements. The active ingredient of weight loss supplements is caffeine and EGCG, both found in coffee and green tea extracts. Both the compounds burn fat (caffeine boosts your metabolism by 16%), and besides, they together work and burn fat by the process of thermogenesis.


Protein fiber and soluble fibers act as a dietary supplement by curbing your food requirement. They induce the effect of fullness without much calorie intake. Another supplement is bitter orange fruit rind. It contains synephrine, a stimulant related to ephedrine. It works by raising the number of calories burned. It has side effects like high blood pressure; hence if you are already taking medications or caffeine, it is not suitable. 

However, bitter oranges do show promising results and are the most used product. Similarly is the use of raspberry ketones, which are found in raspberry. They are promised fat burners. Conjugated linoleic acid is a type of fatty acid that increases metabolism and decreases appetite.


FDA is the federal agency that looks over the dietary supplements in the US. The supplements manufacturers do not require getting a mandate from the FDA. Also, the manufacturers are not obligated to substantiate their claims. However, if a supplement is found unsafe, the FDA has the right to withdraw its supplies. 

Even though these supplements may aid in burning fat, they are not to be solely trusted. However small, the supplements are sure to have side effects, which may range from increased blood pressure, nausea, headaches, etc. Moreover, if you already take medication, these supplements, along with the medication, can result in serious complications. Hence replacing a healthy diet and exercise with supplements will not be fruitful. Therefore before buying proper research must be undertaken, and it can be beneficial if you get the doctor’s advice.


  1. Always chew your food: Gulping down the food makes you eat more than you require. If you chew slowly, you’ll be relishing the taste and also reducing your calorie intake.
  2. Change your platter to smaller ones: Having food on a small platter has a psychological impact on you, and you tend to eat less. Asians, like in Korea, China, and Japan, people serve the food in several plates of small size.
  3. Have enough sleep: The human body requires a good sleep (8 hours recommended). Sleep rejuvenates the body as well as helps in body repair. Hence, good sleep is a must.
  4. Don’t go on extreme diet plans.
  5. Keep a positive and never die attitude.