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Best Devices to Stay in Touch With Family


It’s best to have a smart home device that can help you control things easily. These smart displays are the small screens that allow you to have the proper and needed control over the tools you can handle, even while sitting on your couch. You can have cameras and controls that can function as your hands-free phones which allow you to turn lights on/off or alert you when a door has been opened. To ease your efforts for finding out the best smart displays at your home, we have listed some of the top-rated and reviewed smart displays here.

Google Nest Hub Max

The Nest Hub Max gives you a larger screen than the original Nest Hub One. In addition to this, there are many other features available that make it the number one choice. The brilliant HD screen with a 6.5-megapixel camera gives it an edge over the others. Additionally, the camera is fully movable, and it will capture the best shots with the perfect quality in every direction.

If you are looking for video calling, it can be assured that you get a more personalized experience with this Google Nest Hub Max. Up to 6 users can save their face match profile. It will show you all the relevant data, including received messages, reminders, notifications from the upcoming events from the calendar, and many more. This comes with an added feature through which you can control the playbacks of audios and videos by giving them your hand gestures. Isn’t that cool?

The Google Nest Hub Max has a nest cam attached to it through which you can remain up-to-date with what is going on in your home when you are away from your home.

This is versatile, or to be more concise, is an all-around device that can work efficiently for all the tasks you may need it for. 

Amazon Echoes Smart Display- Echo 2nd Generation

This smart display comes with a large display of 10.1 inches having extra features like passive bass, minimalist design with two speakers, and Dolby sound. This serves as a tremendous smart screen display for any occasion or party. You can easily use amazon’s Alexa here to have easy control over your smart devices. You can ask questions, get yourself updated with the current news, or make video calls to your friends or family. When talking about the connectivity, Alexa gives you broad connectivity with amazon music or prime video.

It is very well-suited for the people who love listening to videos, pieces of music, podcasts, shows, news, or anything of entertainment on their smart display or the people who love Alexa. It can serve you with the best display quality and a feeling like a television, even in your kitchen, den or any place where you would love to watch it. 

Lenovo Smart Display

This smart display takes care of your privacy very well and is fully customizable. This counter-friendly smart display is a versatile smart display that can give you the exact feeling of watching videos or listening to music on your TV. This is controlled by a Google assistant just like Alexa and comes with a handy, free camera shut off option through which you can always ensure your privacy to its best.

When talking about its display, this comes in a beautiful look and a bamboo backing that gives it an edge over others. This can provide you a tremendous virtual treat and display whether you are looking for any recipes or are checking up on the upcoming events in your calendar. This device comes in variable sizes of 7-inch, 8-inch, or 10-inch screen.

It is best suited for the people who love Google assistants more than Alexa as it provides more flexibility. Suppose you are fond of learning and making yourself entertained with videos, then this can serve as an excellent option for you as it can provide you with much easier access to youtube videos. You can have more effective call options, interactive searching, or anything of your choice. This Lenovo smart display can provide you with the best display options and the choice of the size as well as the comfortable visual options available.

Amazon Echo Show 8

This comes in an 8-inch Echo screen that can prove to be one of the most excellent fits for your bedroom. In this smaller Echo version by Amazon, and with it you can find all the echo features including smartphone controls, a customizable home screen, links to all of your amazon photos, ability to set up the routines for all your connected smart devices. With this Amazon Echo Show 8, you can also keep an eye on your home, even when you are out of your home. This is a highly versatile option for one who’s looking for more features in a small version. 

This smart display device is made with all the essential features that will keep your privacy. There’s a switch that can automatically turn off all the cameras and lighting whenever you need it. This gives you a feeling of extra layered security.

This smart display is best suited for those people who are highly concerned about their privacy and security. People who want to link other cameras in their house and at the same time assure the highest privacy will find this as the best option available.