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Best UV Lights for Your Home

Are you searching for an efficient and simple way to disinfect your space? If yes, then you must’ve heard of UV lamps used for disinfecting areas. UV lights are beneficial when it comes to removing bacteria from surfaces and air. Best in grade UV lights offer even higher efficiency and convenience as all you have to do to install the light and leave it turned on for a long time.

UV disinfection lamps offer other benefits including eliminating foul odor from your clothes and room. 

Germicidal UV Lamp by Coospider

Are you searching for a multi-purpose and versatile sterilizer light? Coospider’s UV Lamp utilizes ozone and UV technology, consequently achieving double sterilization.


  • Remote Wireless Control: This unit offers a convenient wireless remote, which allows you to choose between different settings quickly. It comes with a powerful remote that receives the signal instantly without delay, which is visible immediately.
  • Power Output: It covers a broad range of up to 400 Sq feet space with a power output of 25W. It also provides a 60 min timer through which a user can sterilize whenever required. 
  • Quartz Built: It is a durable lamp and has a long lifespan to provide continuous usage. It’s a lightweight lamp that can be carried easily while on travel, and it boasts a sleek design. For a longer lifespan, its bulb is made with quartz material, due to which it is suitable for any space that you place it into, such as your office, hotels, home, and a long lifespan for sustained usage.


Installation is easy

Extremely Effective in killing bacteria

Practical and robust wireless control

No ozone, hence no foul odor 


It doesn’t provide extra bulb replacements.

Watt UV Germicidal Light by Coospider 

If you favor UV sterilization that is ozone free, then this is the perfect option for you. Installation is convenient and easy to use, and it doesn’t require any particular connection. 

E27 Ultraviolet UV Light Tube by NOENNULL 

E27 Ultraviolet is a nifty and resourceful lamp that is simultaneously convenient to use. Also, it offers an extensive array of applications at home. You can use this lamp to sterilize pillows, bedrooms, quilts, kitchen, bath towels, HVAC pipe, toilet, amongst others.


Practical and durable: NOENNULL utilizes quartz material in its build, due to which it is remarkably long-lasting. Extremely effective against bacteria on the surface and air, providing you with a safe and clean home for you and your family. Installation is convenient and easy to set up with just a screw, and it also has a robust transmission rate.


Convenient installation

Extremely durable

Can be utilized in various spots


E27 base available only

Pur UV Powerful Sterilizer Light

For disinfection, Pur UV Powerful Sterilizer Light uses the sterilization technique. It’s reliable, robust, and extremely efficient since it eliminates almost 100% of mite, dust, germs, bacteria, as well as viruses. It has a compact and sleek aesthetic design due to which is convenient for usage.


  • Metal Construction: It is constructed with high-quality and robust metal due to which it is durable. Its Bulbs offer a life span of 8000-hours of LED life and are incredibly durable.
  • UV Sterilization: UV sterilization technology is utilized in this lamp, which is well proven and has been used for sterilization for numerous years. It removes them by destroying DNA. and is extremely effective at its job.
  • The broad span of Sterilization: It is ozone free and does not have chemical residue. It is convenient and highly suitable for disinfecting in the pet house, living room, kitchen, clinic, bedroom, and other places you might want to disinfect. However, it is vital to remember that you cannot be in the same room with UV lights active since it can cause adverse effects on skin and eyes.


Convenient to install and set up

It has a 99.9% efficiency. 

Offers a considerable warranty


Cannot be in the same room when the lights are active

UV Sterilizer Light with Remote Control by SHZICMY

If you are looking out for an impressive and extremely efficient sterilizer, You should check out the SHZICMY sterilizer light. It’s a first-rate sterilizer unit that provides excellent sterilization.


  • Metal Construction: The SHZICMY UV light is designed with high durability to last for a prolonged period as possible. It utilizes a fine quality solid steel for a 6mm column. This material provides it with the necessary resistance and ultimate compression. To raise the general durability of the unit, it’s the body. It is built with quartz.
  • Power Output: It has a 35W of power output, making it sufficiently robust to kill any bacteria and germs quickly. It is advisable not to look at the light source with naked eyes since it may harm your eyes or conjunctivitis. 
  • Micro-ozone UV lamp: This model by SHZICMY is crafted using a micro-ozone ultraviolet light with formaldehyde and ozone gas, which fills the room and pulls off dead angle sterilization. But, ozone gas holds an odd smell. Hence, it would be best to have adequate ventilation in the room or space before sterilization.
  •  Remote Control: They provide a remote control with the unit, ensuring you remain safe while the sterilization completes. The remote allows you to opt between your desired duration and settings for sterilization.


It is convenient to use

Extremely effective sterilizer

A durable unit as it utilizes quartz glass and solid steel inbuilt

Powerful and achieves dead angle sterilization

Timer settings vary between 60 mins, 30 mins, and 15 mins.


May fail to sterilize the entire space.

XBOCMY 25 Watt UV Germicidal Lamp 

Although usability and effectiveness are crucial qualities of a UV lamp, it is also essential to consider its durability and lifespan. XBOCMY UV germicidal lamp is a first-rate and durable sanitizer


  • Quartz Glass Construction: The XBOCMY lamp utilizes a durable, rugged housing built from quartz glass material. Its construction design allows it to be highly resistant to high temperatures. It is also a minimal and compact unit, due to which it is highly suited for use in various places.
  • Power Output: This lamp has a power output of 25W, which makes it great for producing efficient and quality sterilization.
  • Double Sterilization: The lamp uses both UV and ozone technology that makes it extremely useful. It leaves your surface clean from bacteria and safe for you and your family.
  • Wide Application: This lamp can be utilized for a wide array of tasks such as sterilizing rooms, furniture, clothes, amongst others. It offers an 800-hour lifespan and an extensive coverage range of 400 square feet.


No Chemicals are used.

Highly Efficient as it achieves double sterilization through UV and ozone technology

Easy to install and set up


The odor of ozone can be unbearable, and it lasts for an extended period. So, if you use it in a windowless space, you might want to turn on the ventilation or fan system.


UV sterilizers mentioned above are affordable, versatile, and effective tools. They are perfectly capable of taking care of foul odor and bacteria in your office or home. These lamps offer multiple functions and features while remaining portable and easy to carry and install.